Friday, 14 December 2012

KARZAN (1973) is a silly, silly film

Karzan (Wal Davis) and Pindar (Robert Woods), medieval treasure hunters, venture into the jungle and are promptly captured by some very horny Amazons (led by Alice Arno) who plan on killing them - but not before bonking the two white strangers' brains out!

'No, I refuse to condemn this film or throw it to the dogs of lazy film criticism'  - says Robert Monell in his enthusiastic review of this throwaway title Jess Franco produced for Robert de Nesle in 1973 or thereabouts.

'Karzan against bare-breasted women' a.k.a Lustful Amazons is pretty worthless.
Among the things it has going for it are a very young and super-sexy Lina Romay and a couple of decent jokes. Most Franco films are goofy - sometimes intentionally, sometimes by virtue of being ultra low-budget imitations of popular genres. Karzan, too, has plenty of unintentional hilarity, but some of the lines are quite witty - could be they were penned by Jess in an inspired state or maybe it's the author of the Italian dubbing script I have to thank. One can't be too harsh on a project that must have taken around a week to get filmed. Those who can sit through the filler scenes will be rewarded with a climatic nude wrestling match between Karzan and the queen of the Amazons

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