Friday, 19 February 2010

trashy giallo: FRENCH SEX MURDERS

Shoot me, but "French Sex Murders" is one of my favourite European genre films.
Sure, acting is terrible, story - inane. But atmosphere conjured up by director Merighi is fantastic.
And "Howard Vernon factor" cannot be overlooked, either. I really wish I could re-watch this film before writing, but I haven't a copy at hand.Seriously, there aren't many other "bad" films that I had such fun with. My memories of "French Sex Murders" are a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of colourful imagery, absurd situations and hilariously overacting characters.

Pacing is not perfect, but I never really get tired of "French Sex Murders" the way I do, from, say "Death Carries a Cane" or "Solamente Nero". I haven't had the opportunity to watch any other of his other films, but just by directing "French Sex Murders" Ferdinando Merighi will always have a place in my heart. Same goes for those amazing guys at "Mondo Macabro" who had released "French Sex Murders" in a colourful anamorphic transfer.There are some lovely, lovely shots there. It's time to admit that I do judge genre films primarily by cinematography. Despite "French Sex Murders" obviously being a quickie project for all involved there's still some care on display. Some good tracking shots, plus night scenes actually shot at night, plus some cheesy and plentiful gore plus music that echoes the score for Jess Franco's "Eugenie De Sade".

"French Sex Murders" is one film I'm looking forward to acquiring on Bluray.

Directed by Ferdinando Merighi
Written by
Ferdinando Merighi, Marius Mattei, Dick Randall, Paolo Daniele
Robert Sacchi, Rosalba Neri, Howard Vernon.


  1. I've been wanting to see this one for a long time just to see Evelyn Kraft and the lovely Barbara Bouchet but haven't gotten around to it. I can't say that I'm familiar with Merighi but I plan on dedicating a whole month on my blog to Gialli and Italian genre films, so hopefully I'll be able to check out some of his films then.

  2. I know nothing of Evelyn Kraft, could you recommend a couple of titles with her?
    "French Sex Murders" isn't a great giallo, it's too lighthearted and not suspenseful at all. This one is more like a fast and bigger-budgeted Eurociné film.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on "French Sex Murders" sometime in the future, Aaron.
    I seem to be one of very few supportres of this title.
    Cheers for stopping by!

  3. I haven't really heard any bad things about this one, but then again no one really pushes it either. The only giallo that I hear REALLY horrible things about is STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER.

    As far as Evelyn Kraft, I HIGHLY recommend THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN. Tarantino released it on his now defunct Rolling Thunder distribution company on DVD.

  4. STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER is the one I haven't much fondness for. It has a cool killer, cool score that rips off Sly and Family stone, tons of nudity, illegal abortion and a fat man who keeps an inflatable sex doll, and despite all these goodies it's still a dreadful film. Andrea Bianchi has fucked up royally with this one.


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